Water is undesirable in mineral oils and non-aqueous-resistant fluids. Mineral oil typically has a water content of 50-300 ppm (@40°C) that it can support without causing problems.

When the water content exceeds about 300ppm, the oil becomes hazy. Above this level, there is a risk of free water accumulating in the system in low-flow areas. This can cause corrosion and premature wear. Similarly, fire-resistant fluids contain natural water that may differ from mineral oil.


Water levels should be kept well below the saturation point because the effects of free (also emulsified) water are more harmful than those of dissolved water. Even water in the solution, however, can cause damage, so every reasonable effort should be made to keep saturation levels as low as possible. There is no such thing as insufficient water. As a general rule, we recommend keeping saturation levels in all equipment below 50%.


Water is present throughout the storage, handling, and servicing processes. The absorbent media in MP Filtri filter elements protects hydraulic systems from particulate and water contamination

MP Filtri’s filter element technology is available with inorganic microfiber media with a filtration rating of 25 m (hence the media designation WA025), providing absolute solid particle filtration to ßx(c) = 1000. Water-absorbent fibers expand in size during the absorption process to form absorbent media. As a result, free water is bonded to the filter media and completely removed from the system (it cannot even be squeezed out).

By removing water from your fluid power system, you can avoid problems such as:
● Metal etching corrosion – lubricant power loss
● Metal etching (corrosion)
● Lubricant power loss
● Accelerated abrasive wear in hydraulic components
● Valve locking
● Bearing fatigue
● Variation in viscosity (reduction in lubricating properties)
● Additive precipitation and oil oxidation
● Acidity level increase
● Additive precipitation and oil oxidation
● Control system slowness/weakness

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